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University at Albany, State University of New York

Work Study Policies and Procedures for Employers

1. All students should be hired through the Work-Study website before they start working.

2. Questions concerning the tax forms should be directed to the Student Payroll Office at 518 437-3830.

3. Questions concerning the I-9 form should be directed the Office of Human Resources Management at 518 437-4700. PLEASE NOTE: Students may not work and will not be paid if the I-9 is not on file.

4. Please set-up a mutually agreeable schedule with your students. If you are unable to accommodate a student’s hours or scheduling needs, please refer him/her back to the Work-Study Employment website.

5. Be sure to explain to each student his/her job responsibilities and your expectations of them as an employee.

6. Exchange phone numbers. Review with students the need to call in and who to call if they will be late or absent.

7. Both the student and the supervisor must certify hours worked on the SUNY Time and Attendance portal  Paper time sheets will not be accepted by the Student Payroll Office. Supervisors should keep a copy   of the time sheets for their records.

5. Timesheets submitted and/or approved after the due date may not be processed for the current payroll period.

8. Students should not be working without supervision.

9. Students must have a ½ hour break on their time sheets when working 6 hours in a row.

10. Work-Study positions are real jobs. Students should not be paid for studying!

11. Students should hold only one Work Study job at a time.

12. Students should work the number of hours per week indicated on their Payroll Authorization Form. In most cases, this is 6 hours per week. With supervisor approval, students may make up hours missed within a pay period up to a maximum of 15 hours per week. Under no circumstances should a student exceed 15 hours per week. Students who wish to make up hours beyond the two week pay period should seek prior approval from the Office of Financial Aid.

13. Students cannot be allowed to work beyond their Employment Start and End Dates as indicated on their Payroll Authorization Form. If this occurs, departments will be responsible for payment of hours worked beyond the term of appointment.

14.Federal Work-Study is first and foremost a financial aid program. Students should not be used to replace essential personnel.

15. Departments will be responsible for payment of late timesheets submitted beyond the end of the fiscal year.